Friday, 8 February 2013

Blog silence ended... (if only it was a sponsored silence!)

Oh dear folks, it's been 2 months since we lasted posted on here!  The arts work has been keeping us busy for sure!  In the midst of our shameful arts blog silence, here's a few things we've been talking about and preparing for:

1. Double vision We're super excited about this conference for fine artists and art historians happening 28th June to 6th July.  If you haven't yet checked it out, click on the link and have a gander at what's planned: it's going to be a brilliant week fuelled with inspiring talks, Bible readings, seminars, the Provence landscape, french food, creative company and networking.  Places are limited and booking up fast so grab a friend and book your place!

2.  Scottish Interface Each year the Scottish Interface weekend is a real highlight for anyone who attends.  And it's NEXT WEEKEND! It's combined with Morphe Arts, and it's a joy to partner with them, and fuel conversations between students and graduates as you grapple with what it is to live and speak for Jesus in the creative arts.  Craig, Lois and I will all be there, and look forward to chatting, mingling and talking creativity with all of you who are coming.  If you haven't yet booked and are keen, click the link and get involved.

3. New Word Alive sneak preview: Yes that's right, this year we're not only covering France and Scotland, but the arts work is heading to North Wales to  New Word Alive week 2! We shall be leading a track for art students and anyone interested in grappling with the arts as a Christian.  Word on the street: there's some heavily discounted student places still available so if you're kicking around on your long Easter break, why not come along? Click the link....

Between those three things, there should be something for everyone, whether you're north, south, east or west! We'd love to see you and look forward to chatting to you there!

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