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Reading: Do you love or hate it?  
I reckon there's a whole range of us: those who devour books like a bacon buttie, those who read when it might be convenient, those who really do judge a book by its cover (well as artists let's be honest we all do that!), and those who would rather read the financial times than be seen reading a book!

When it comes to thinking through what being a Christian and an artist is all about, (something we all do need to think about) there are some great books to help us out!  There's everything from immensely practical advise and inspiring biographies to the more weighty discussions! So have a look below at what we think to be some corkers.  We'll be reviewing the books throughout the year so watch this space. 

Never thought about this stuff before/ Small books your limit? Be inspired by these easy reads:

Ally Gordon's great new book is written especially for those who are studying Art, Design and Media. Brilliant!  It's a practical guide that really helps to get us thinking on 'what does it really mean that I'm a Christian and an artist?'  Coupled with some quirky illustrations and some insightful interviews with those in industry, it's well worth reading!

Schaeffer's wonderful little book that will have you scouring the pages of your Bible and delighting in how the Lord truly is creative! With just 94 pages and small enough to pop in your pocket, this one will keep you thinking way past page 94...

Art and Soul is another practical guide that seeks to apply the Bible to some basic art issues - what does it mean to have a Christian worldview?  How can our work be a form of worship? What does Art look like in it's rightful place?

Imagine is a really helpful starter book for everyone and anyone to read.  In bitesize chunks, Steve helps you to think through how the world and the church have seen art over history, and then with great Biblical insight suggests some ways forward for Christians in the arts.  Imagine is a classic.  Well we think so anyway!

Fancy digging deeper? For some foundational books on the topic try:

Inspiring lives and interesting perspectives:

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