Food for thought?

We'll try and update this page regularly with talks, podcasts etc that nourish your heart and mind and continue to shape your views around God's truth.  There's a whole host of talks out there which are so useful in sharpening our thoughts.  As Schaeffer wisely writes, we create out of a worldview and it is our responsibility to continually align that point of view with Scripture.

Nick Farley: Enterntainment & the loss of Imagination 
 TV, computer games, social networking are all key features of our modern entertainment lifestyle.  Have you stopped to question why you are so transfixed by these things?  Have you thought about the effect modern entertainment has on your imagination and in turn on your art work?  This is a challenging lecture that will help you think through these questions.

John Hodges: Music & Beauty - A Facet of God's Glory 

What does music do?  What should Christian music be like?  This talk takes on these kind of questions while also challenging how the western church is using music today. 

Andrew Fellowes: Two streams: Integrating Reason with Imagination 

This is a brilliant talk!  Have you ever felt like teaching Church is to academic and lacking in creativity and depth?  This talk highlights why at this point in history the Church is lacking in imagination and heavy on reason and what we are to do about it.

Hans Rookmaaker: The Artist Needs No Justification

Have you thought about why you are an artist?  Are you justified in painting pictures all your life?  Surely you could make better use of your time?!  Hans Rookmaaker is very well thought through on answering these questions so this talk is well worth a listen.  He's quite slow and a bit boring so take notes to help follow what he says because it is gold dust! 

Stefan Lindholm: Quentin Tarantino - Madman or Genius? 

We need to learn to engage with culture and analyse it critically with a Christian mind.  In this talk Stefan Lindholm draws out the post modern themes in Tarantinos film making with specific reference to 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Kill Bill'.  You can find many similar cultural analysis talks at

Ellis Potter: Is Art a Commodity or a Relationship?

What is art?  Is it a product we consume or something much deeper?  In this helpful talk Ellis Potter challenges us to consider our approach to engaging with art in his quirky and easy listening style.  He takes a lot of time to work through examples in visual art and music but if you don't have long just listen to the first 30 minutes - excellent stuff!

James Harleman: Critique of 'Inception'   

This is one of many good talks critiquing popular movies on the Mars Hill website.  Lot's of people have film and discussion nights as a way of sharing their Christian view of the world with  friends.  Inception is a great film that tackles big questions about reality so why not watch it with some friends and have a discussion on some of the things that James Harleman raises in this talk.

John Piper: Poetry, Pain, and the Power to See
At least a third of the bible is written in poetic form but why?  Why is it that we sing worship to God rather than just speaking it?  In this seminar Piper thinks out loud why poetry and creative expression are so essential in steering our affections towards the truth.

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