Friday, 27 April 2012

I Hate Reading but I Want to Read!

For many creatively minded people reading is a real struggle which causes great frustration when there are countless great books (not least the bible) out there to read.  In my experience working in the art colleges more than half the students I meet have been diagnosed dyslexic and there are many more (including myself) who suspect they have some form of dyslexia.  If you are a student do go about getting tested; it's free and you will receive lot's of extra support from your college or university.

If you do struggle with reading don't fret!  God knows why he has made you the way you are and there are wonderful things about your creative mind that competent readers can only long for.

There are plenty of resources that can help you with your reading such as audio books and online talks (check out the talk section on this blog).  You can buy audio books on Amazon etc and there are lot's on Youtube for free!  For example follow this link to listen to C.S Lewis's The Screwtape Letters...

The Screwtape Letters

I often use Bible Gateway to have the bible read out to me as I follow along.  You can choose any translation and there are even options for what style you want to hear it in!

Bible Gateway

Happy Listening!

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