Wednesday, 7 March 2012

HOW TO: Get an Interface Arts gathering off the ground

Ingredients needed:
A venue: a coffee shop, a studio space at uni, someone's living room, a room in a church - anywhere which will facilitate good discussion

Food: Some home baked brownies or cookies are always a good start to the evening + a big pot of tea and coffee

Some publicity - create an event on facebook, or even a group - find a bunch of Christian art students who are keen and spread the word.

A date: that isn't CU night, or church bible study night.  It won't suit everyone but go with what will work for the majority

How long? Anything from half and hour to a couple of hours, or even a whole day

What to do: 
Find something to discuss together: Find out what questions everyone's asking about being a Christian art student and go from there.

Why not read a chapter of Imagine by Steve Turner together and discuss it (Interface Wales get together and do this each week); or Art and the Bible by Schaeffer is another short and stimulating piece for discussion

Or you could listen to one of the talks from the talks page on this blog and then discuss it

Another idea that works well is a 'Show and tell' - a few people bring their work and talk about it, with a chance for a crit too

Or why not go to a gallery and then intentionally discuss what issues are raised for you as a Christian having seen the work

Or how about invitiing one of the UCCF arts staff workers (aka Sarah or Craig!) to speak at an event, or arrange for them to join you and do an 'Interface' day

Pray for one another and your witness in art colleges.

Have a go!

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