Friday, 3 February 2012

What does it mean to Live and Speak for Jesus in the Creative Arts?

Interface Arts exists to help you to serve Jesus in your creative endeavours and engage with the challenges of being a student at art college.

We are passionate about seeing Christian art students live wholeheartedly for Jesus: both in the way that you create,  and also in the way that you do life at art college.  We pray that this blog will bless, encourage and resource you to get digging deeper into gospel truths, and delight all the more in the gifts God has given you.

We hope you'll enjoy rooting around the blog for books to read, talks to listen to, our own thoughts on art and the gospel plus much much more!

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  1. Was so excited when a friend sent me the link to this blog, I am studying Fine Art and have faced many troubles as we all do as Christians. I started writing a blog about my life and my dream as an artist a while ago, but yours seems to answer all my questions! Thank you!